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Special Local Regulations. 

(1) During the effective period, vessel operators transiting through the regulated area shall proceed in a counterclockwise direction at no wake speeds not to exceed five knots, unless otherwise authorized by the Captain of the Port. 

(2) Vessel operators shall comply with the directions and orders of the COTP or the COTP’s representative, upon being hailed by siren, radio, flashing lights, or other means. The COTP’s representative may be any Coast Guard commissioned, warrant, or petty officer or any federal, state, or local law enforcement officer who has been designated by the COTP to act on the COTP’s behalf. The COTP’s representative may be on a Coast Guard vessel, a Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel, a federal, state or local law enforcement or safety vessel, or a location on shore. 

(3) From 4 p.m. on June 17, 2017 through 8 a.m. on June 22, 2017, vessel control measures will be implemented. The traffic pattern will be in a counterclockwise rotation, such that all vessels shall stay generally as far to the starboard side of the channel as is safe and practicable. 

(4) To facilitate commercial ferry traffic with minimal disruption, commercial ferries within the regulated area, moving between stops on their normal routes, will be exempt from the mandatory counterclockwise traffic pattern. This exemption does not give ferries navigational precedence or in any way alter their responsibilities under the Rules of the Road or any other pertinent regulations. 

(5) Vessel operators transiting the waterway between the World Trade Center and Fish Pier must enter and keep to the starboard side of the channel, proceeding as directed by the on-scene COTP’s representative. Vessel traffic shall move in a counterclockwise direction around a turning point as marked by an appropriate on-scene COTP’s representative. 

(6) Vessel operators transiting this area must maintain at least a twenty five (25) yard safe distance from all participating Sail Boston Tall Ships and must make way for all deep draft vessel traffic underway in the area. 

(7) When a vessel greater than 125 feet enters the waterway between the World Trade Center and the Fish Pier, no other vessel will be allowed to enter until the larger vessel departs that area, unless authorized by the on-scene COTP’s representative. 

(8) From 10 p.m. through 8 a.m. daily, while the regulated area is in effect, only vessels which are tenants within the channels of the World Trade Center and the Fish Pier will be authorized access. 

(9) The COTP may control the movement of all vessels operating on the navigable waters of Boston Harbor when the COTP has determined that such orders are justified in the interest of safety by reason of weather, visibility, sea conditions, temporary port congestion, or other temporary hazards circumstance. 

(10) To obtain permissions required by this regulation, individuals may reach the COTP or a COTP representative via VHF channel 16 or 617–223–5757(Sector Boston Command Center). (11) Penalties. Those who violate this section are subject to the penalties set forth in 33 U.S.C. 1232 and 50 U.S.C. 192.

Enforcement period. This regulation is will be enforced from 4 p.m. on June 17, 2017 through 8 a.m. on June 22, 2017.

The Nantasket Beach Salt Water Club was established over 50 years ago in the historic coastal town of Hull Massachusetts.

All of the members and their guests can enjoy boating along the beautiful Hull coastline, Boston Harbor Islands, and the surrounding waterfront communities.

The Nantasket Beach Salt Water Club encourages new members. The club is always open for people to check out the facility and you will always see a friendly face and enjoy great conversation.

The building that now houses the club was a former post office that, in 1953, was moved from Anastos Corner to Mariners Park in Allerton Harbor.

The club has a function room, rest rooms, phones, a shower, a soda machine, and a bar. It also has a stationary pier with several floating docks that can be used by club members and their guests to access boats that are moored in the bay.

The club function room is available to rent for a $500 (non-member) /$200 (member) fee. . If you wish to rent the Club's function hall for an event, please contact the club Vice President at vicepresident@nbswc.org and fill out hall rental agreement below.

To join fill out form below and submit with $50 application fee. No forms will be processed without application fee submitted.

Membership Application


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