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If you do not already have a mooring, contact the Hull Harbor Master's office at the address below. If you already have a mooring and would like to renew your mooring sticker, you must send a completed 2019 Mooring Permit Application Form to the Hull Harbor Master, Kurt Bornheim. The permit fee is $7/foot.

If you do not already have a dingy sticker for your dingy, you must also submit a completed Dingy Identification Sticker Application. There is no fee for this sticker. If you already have a Dingy Identification sticker, there is no need to reapply unless you purchase a new dingy, or the old sticker washes off.

If you have any questions about the fees or permits, or would like to find out about mooring availability, please contact the Hull Harbor Master’s Office

Kurt Bornheim
Hull Harbor Master
253 Atlantic Avenue
Hull, MA 02045