Dues and Fees

All Dues and Fees are due April 1 a penalty of 25% will be added if not paid by May 1st. If dues, late fees or fines are not paid by June 1st in full, the member will be removed from the membership roll of the Club and subject to initiation fee and dues for reinstatement.

Dues Life Members             $0.00

Dues Full Members         $375.00

On Site Dinghy Storage    $50.00

Kayak Slots                           $25.00

Dock Electric           $50.00 for season (Please note increase in price voted on by EBoard)

You can mail a check to NBSWC PO Box 621 Hull, MA 02045  or Venmo Liz Murphy@NBSWC and Liz will mail back you 2024 Club key

Please note all money received is applied in the following manner

1st all dues and fees from last year including any money for unworked hours are to be paid in full

2nd Dues for the current year must be paid in full before any money is applied to extras i.e. dinghy, electric or kayak spots.

If you are not paid in full by April 30 you will lose your dingy and/or Kayak spot and it will go to the first person on the list and if you would like to return you will be placed at the bottom of the list.

LOA is available for $25/year for a maximum of 2 years only.

***Another rule change made by the EBoard this year is all members with a boat ** includes dinghies**that must be registered by the state must provide proof of insurance with minimum $300,000 to the NBSWC Dockmaster. You can email mpicewick@yahoo.com or drop in white mailbox inside club or mail to PO Box 621, Hull MA 02045